How To Take Care Of Your Cat After Spaying

Taking care of your cat once they have been spayed is important. Aftercare needs to be done the right way to ensure that your pet makes a full recovery from their surgery. If you're not sure exactly what you should be doing to care for your pet, here's a closer look so that you can take proper care of them. Watch for Hemorrhage Once your cat has been spayed you need to make sure that you are observant. [Read More]

How To Care For Your Cat's Teeth Between Dental Appointments

As cats grow older, it is a good idea for them to periodically see the vet for regular dental exams and cleanings. To care for your cat's teeth, the vet will typically sedate them, take x-rays of their jaw, clean their teeth, and extract any teeth that are decayed or otherwise painful. In addition to this professional care, however, you should be sure to provide your cat with good, at-home dental care between appointments. [Read More]

How It's Possible For A Spayed Dog To One Day Have Puppies

Spaying or neutering a pet dog is commonplace, and the majority of pet dogs in the United States (some 57.1%) are desexed. The process has some health benefits—in addition to modifying your dog's behaviour, which can make them happier and more manageable in a domestic setting. And then there's also the fact that spaying a female dog will prevent unwanted litters of puppies. But what about when you know that spaying your four-legged girl is the right thing to do, and yet you can't shake the feeling that one day, you might want her to have puppies? [Read More]